Criminal Law

Do You Need A Lawyer At An Arraignment In California?

Being arrested can leave you feeling like you have nowhere to turn. The surroundings may be unfamiliar and you may find the legal process confusing. But, it may provide some solace to know that criminal matters in California generally follow a common set of procedures. One of these is the arraignment, which is an opportunity […] Read more


What Is The Three Strikes Law?

In baseball, “three strikes and you’re out” is a common phrase. It lets players know that that the third strike is their last chance to hit the ball. Players who fail to get a hit on their third try are sent back to the dugout and, in some cases, this means game over. The Three […] Read more


If I Plan on Pleading Guilty, Do I Still Need A Lawyer?

Whether you committed the crime or not, you know the facts look bad and you just want the case to go away. You plan on pleading guilty. Do you still need an attorney? 97% of criminal cases in California are settled before trial with a plea bargain. Plea bargains save the court time and resources. […] Read more